Richhill Presbyterian Church exists to lead people to saving faith in Jesus, to bring them to maturity within the fellowship, and to encourage them to worship God in Spirit and Truth, and with lives of service.

This involves our five core purposes: -

1. Evangelism - Jesus' Great commission of Matthew 28 compels us to go into the world and make disciples. We are to proclaim the gospel to a broken world.

2. Discipleship - The Christian life is not a plane ticket to heaven, it is a passport to serve in Jesus' new kingdom. We are to grow in Christlikeness and experience sanctification.

3. Fellowship - The Christian is not be a hermit  but rather part of a worshipping community. God has graciously set up his Church as body of His people who serve him.

4. Worship - Our worship is to be a sacrifice of praise to the one who is worthy- God, our Creator and Redeemer.

5. Service - God in grace gives us good works of service to bring glory to his name and serve others.

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Christ Centred
At Richhill Presbyterian we believe Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He is the only hope for the nations and it is his gospel we proclaim.

Genuine Worship
Our praise seeks to incorporate contemporary worships songs alongside the traditional hymnody.

Reformed Teaching
We have a Reformed perspective on theology which means we believe the Bible teaches certain things about God and man, the world and church. These distinctive views can seen in our preaching, praying and community life.

Presbyterian Ethos
Our leadership subscribes to the Westminister Confession of Faith and we practise a presbyterian form of governance.

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Presbyterians have been worshipping in Richhill for over two hundred years.

In 1782 Mr William Richardson gifted them a site for the building of a Meeting House in Irish Street. By 1824 there were enough people to form a congregation independently. Richhill Presbyterian Church was based on Irish Street until 2003 when we moved to our current location on the Corcreevy Road. This move was mainly to gain more adequate facilities with which to serve the people and the building has been a great blessing to everyone involved with the church.